Starknet boosts gaming with new $120 million fund

Ethereum L2 rollup Starknet has announced it’s appointed a Gaming Committee with the intention to bolster gaming on the Starknet ecosystem.

Backed by a fund of 50 million STRK tokens, about $120 million, the committee’s job is to design programs aimed at incentivizing game developers to build on Starknet. As a first measure, the committee will assess the ecosystem’s readiness to expand, before creating a growth strategy which can then be implemented.

The committee comprises of six experts, including 

  • Henri Lieutaud from Starknet Foundation,
  • Oli Freuler from Starkware,
  • Gabin Marignier from Focus Tree,   
  • Chris Lexmond from Unstoppable Games,
  • Tarrence van As from Cartridge, and
  • Loaf from Loot Realms.

With the exception of Sorare, Starknet has mainly onboarded fully onchain games to date, which is a growing category of games where all assets and logic are deployed onchain. Some of the most prominent live titles on the ecosystem include Influence, Loot Survivor, and Loot Realms.

Among some the forthcoming games are Realms World, The Ninth, and CafeCosmos.

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