Square Enix invests in web3 game store HyperPlay

Web3 gaming store HyperPlay has received a strategic investment from Japanese publisher Square Enix. The size of the funding wasn’t disclosed.

HyperPlay previously announced a $12 million Series A round in June 2023, which was led by Griffin Gaming Partners and Bitkraft/Delphi, with participation from Consensys and Game7 amongst others.

As well as acting as a distribution channel for PC client and browser-based blockchain games, HyperPlay also acts as an aggregation layer, supporting player’s accounts from Epic Games Store and GoG. And thanks to its deep integration of MetaMask, it enables players to seamlessly bring blockchain assets into these games.

As for Square Enix, this investment joins its support for other blockchain gaming initiatives, including YGG Japan, The Sandbox, Blocklords, Zebedee and web3 PC game distribution platform Elixir. As part of the deal, its first blockchain game Symbiogenesis is now available on HyperPlay.

“We believe the HyperPlay team has built an extraordinary product for improving the distribution of games and creating new business models that are more beneficial for game developers,” commented Square Enix’s general manager of investments, Hideaki Uehara. 

“We believe many of the greatest problems originate from the legacy distribution platforms which prevent game developers from fully leveraging what web3 has to offer,” added HyperPlay’s founder JacobC.eth. “Furthermore, as builders in the gaming space, we understand the importance of enabling new business models for gaming that align the incentives of players and developers to enable a sustainable pipeline of quality games.”

You can find out more about HyperPlay via its website.

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