Esports payment and data platform DreamTeam raises $10 million

But short of its $21 million hard cap

Ukrainian blockchain esports platform DreamTeam has announced it’s raised over $10 million through the token sale for its ERC20-compatible DTT token.

We're tirelessly building the payment gateway for the #1 sport of the future

Alexander Kokhanovskyy CEO, DreamTeam

The first phase successfully hit the project’s soft cap of $6 million, with a further $4.1 million following in phase 2, although this was short of the potential $21 million hard cap planned.

DreamTeam also raised an undisclosed amount of cash from VC Mangrove Capital Partners.

The money will be used to roll out the company’s infrastructure platform and payment gateway for esports.

In particular, it hopes to use smart contracts to better facilitate payments to esports players and teams from tournament wins and advertising revenues, as well as using the blockchain to provide better data and analytics across the esports industry.

Making esports pay

To-date, DreamTeam claims its beta version has seen 250,000 registered users and it plans to have its test net operational during Q2 2018.

“We would like to thank all esports enthusiasts and crypto investors who have contributed to the
DreamTeam Token Sale Phase #2,” commented CEO Alexander Kokhanovskyy.

“We raised enough funds to lead the evolution of esports and develop our infrastructure platform for billions of gamers for years to come. The DreamTeam crew is tirelessly building the payment gateway for the #1 sport of the future.”

DreamTeam is currently using the Ethereum blockchain, but potentially says it may switch to more scalable solutions such as Waves, EOS or Tezos in future.

You can find out more about what DreamTeam has planned via its website.

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