The rise of ICP, especially MMORPG Dragginz

While parts of the web3 sector struggled to keep above the surface in 2023, a new report from Dfinity Foundation on the ICP ecosystem, highlights its global growth and larger impact on the industry last year.

Particular areas of strength are pinpointed, including the expansion of apps and games building on ICP, the network’s cross-chain integrations, and the introduction of its DAO framework SNS. In terms of numbers, over $6.25 million was distributed in grants to bolster 239 projects, spanning across 41 countries, currently building on ICP. As a result, it experienced a 121% increase in network usage in 2023. 

To the technical side of things, ICP protocols are built by Dfinity engineering teams, and the report particularly highlights ICP’s strides in cross-chain adoption. By integrating with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, the network intends to unlock new ways for cross-chain development among its apps and increase their liquidity flow.

Notably, the network also introduced its Service Nervous System (SNS), a form of DAO with the ability to operate any web3 app fully decentralized and onchain.

“The success of the SNS framework has been a big win for decentralized governance worldwide, and through its innovative tech stack and multiple network integrations, the ICP is unlocking access to a seamless, trustless multichain future for web3,” commented Dfinity’s veep of growth Lomesh Dutta.

14 apps on ICP utilized this framework in 2023, raising a total of 6.5 million ICP, around $80 million. Among them are decentralized messenger OpenChat, web3-native search engine Kinic, and ICP memecoin Ghost.

On the gaming front, the most prominent title emerging on the Internet Computer is from previous Neopets-developers Adam and Donna Powell, who announced they are adopting SNS to build fully onchain adventure MMORPG Dragginz. Using SNS enables them to fully involve their community in the game’s development, from proposals and voting to even impacting code updates.

While still in its early days, Dragginz has already managed to raise the anticipation among web3 gamers in general, and the ICP community in particular. With a current community-driven market cap of over $8 million, Dragginz was initially considered to be built on Ethereum, but settled on ICP following conversations with Dfinity founder Dominic Williams in 2017. Scalability and infrastructure are cited as some of the reasons behind the decision. 

Few details have yet been release about Dragginz, but the report gives us a glimpse of previously unknown features, such as its personality system functions and emphasis on various Skill Stations, at which players will interact with NPCs. In addition, memory spells and The Spell Book is mentioned, which will only be accessed in a player’s Cave, adding a layer of skill and strategy to the gameplay.

Some of the other gaming projects building on ICP include intergalactic RTS Cosmicrafts, FPS battleground game known as TBFZ from Inside Dark Studio, a browser-based MMORPG from Eimolad, an AI-based metaverse from Yuku, fully onchain game Paws Arena and fully onchain Minecraft-inspired Cubetopia.

The full ICP State of the Network 2023 report is available here.

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