Dfinity and United eSports team up to create $10 million blockchain game dev contest

United eSports, the esports media company, in partnership with the Dfinity Foundation, have announced a brand new game development content, aimed at inspiring greater grassroots innovation from budding projects and developers. To support its participants, the contest itself boasts a funding pool of $10 million.

More commonly referred to as Achievement Unblocked, the contest series will be hosted by the famous eSports commentator Mitch Leslie, and is set to premiere to viewers in late-2022.

Comprising a pool of over 100 selected participants and/or teams, Achievement Unblocked will follow them as they go through the stages of development for their projects.

As participants vie to impress a professional panel of judges in order to win a growing pool of funding for their games, Leslie will also work to walk viewers through the process of game development, in an interesting glimpse into the world of game design.

While the blockchain gaming space has attracted a growing volume of venture funding, United eSports’ Founder and CEO Felix LaHaye cited that this still left up-and-coming independent game devs struggling to find attention and funding for their projects.

“[O]ften we see independent game developers who want to pursue their artistic vision, struggle with a challenging, obstacle-ridden path. This is why we created this competition series, and we look forward to helping the next generation of developers break through traditional barriers and launch their games victoriously on Achievement Unblocked.”

With the very first season set to start in March 2022, any individuals or teams looking to get involved should apply directly through the Achievement Unblocked website here.

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