Binance Labs announces strategic investment in Nine Chronicles

The innovation and investment arm for Binance – Binance Labs – has announced a new strategic investment in the decentralised RPG Nine Chronicles.

According to Binance Labs’ Investment Director, Chase Guo, the level of technical expertise in the realm of gaming, alongside the team’s own desire to increase global adoption of blockchain technology and crypto made it an important team and project to get involved with.

With the brand new funding from Binance Labs, Nine Chronicles’ CEO has outlined the team’s aim to use the capital to introduce a range of new features in 2022. These include the launch of a mobile client, dedicated guild DAO support, cooperative gameplay, and a dual token economy.

“We plan to take Nine Chronicles mainstream this year by adding new competitive and collaborative features for players and guilds, launching the game on mobile, upgrading our decentralized network infrastructure, and enabling our passionate community of creators. We believe that we can bring decentralized, open-source gaming to the masses through the new partnership with Binance Labs.”

Kijun Seo and JC Kim, Co-CEO of Planetarium

Since its launch back in October 2020, the team has minted over 2 million NFTs within its gasless network and ecosystem. In tandem with that, it has distributed more than 10 million $NCG tokens (its native currency). What. these figures illustrate is that it boasts an already well-functioning economy, with this new funding helping to take it further.

Find out more about Nine Chronicles by visiting the website here.

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