Imaginary Ones strengthens ties with Animoca Brands

On the back of a recent investment from Animoca Brands, Singapore-based web3 entertainment and gaming company Imaginary Ones has now announced it’s formed a partnership with Animoca.

In 2023, Imaginary Ones launched its genesis NFT collection containing 8,888 bubble characters on Ethereum. Since then, the developer has gradually revealed more of its wider Imaginary World ecosystem, including two games – Bubble Rider and Bubble Rangers. The first is tied to NFT collection Imaginary Rides, and is set for a forthcoming launch on mobile, while Bubble Rangers is a mobile F2P endless runner.

Going forward, Imaginary Ones plans to gradually roll out mini-games as part of the Imaginary World metaverse, as well as additional merchandise, toys and other entertainment.

Notably, the company is looking to bolster its ecosystem with the BUBBLE token, which is where Animoca Brands will step in and assist with the company’s tokenomics. More particularly, Animoca will help designing a forthcoming BUBBLE airdrop campaign and offer advise on its broader go-to-market strategy.

Imaginary Ones co-founder Clement Chia commented, “Our Web3 entertainment roadmap brings together gaming, merchandise, and content in the Imaginary World. Animoca Brands’ support will fast-track our plans in the three areas of utility, coins and development, which will help to unify Web2 and Web3 worlds, and build on our promise that if you can imagine it, we can build it.”

“We’re thrilled to follow our investment in Imaginary Ones with a partnership to help optimize its market capabilities,” said Animoca Brands co-founder and chairman Yat Siu, adding “Imaginary Ones has built a robust ecosystem, and its collaborations with industry giants such as Hugo Boss and Samsung are a reflection of the company’s visionary approach to help bridge the gap between the Web2 and Web3 industries.” 

Apart from Animoca Brands, Imaginary Ones also has backing from P2 Ventures (former Polygon Ventures), Cypher Capital, Portal, Immutable, and more.

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