Heroes of Ethereum is a story-based RPG

First chapter of three available to play now

Heroes of Ethereum is an RPG built on, big surprise, the Ethereum blockchain.

The game is a hybrid of various game mechanics inspired by tabletop roleplaying card games, taking advantage of the Ethereum blockchain to power various mechanics.

Players can buy and sell any in-game resources. All of them, including the heroes themselves, are ERC721 tokens.

Each of the three chapters of the game offers different gameplay. The developers plan to run Chapter One on the Ethereum mainnet for a month, which has players buying, trading and training different heroes.

Chapter two will add crafting mechanics to the game. Like heroes, crafted items can be bought and sold between players. Chapter three finally adds combat, where these heroes and items will come into play, with better heroes able to kill tougher bosses and collect more valuable loot. There’s currently no timeframe for when these two chapters will launch.

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