BitCrystals reveals integrated Bitcoin and Ethereum mobile wallet Casa Tookan

New dApp wallet is due in September

Swiss blockchain games platform BitCrystals has announced it’s working on Casa Tookan, a multi-blockchain mobile wallet.

A key feature will be the ability to store, send and receive tokens on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, as well as interact with distributed apps via the integrated browser. Discovery will also be improved thanks to the newsfeeds.

The “next-generation” wallet follows on from BitCrystals’ work on the Book of Orbs and Indie Squared mobile wallets, which currently support Bitcoin games such as its own Spells of Genesis.

Making crypto wallets more useful

““At BitCrystals, we’re continually looking for new ways to improve the blockchain customer experience, and Casa Tookan does this by bringing together several tools under one roof,” commented CEO Shaban Shamme.

Casa Tookan will work by creating a Bitcoin and an Ethereum account simultaneously when a user creates an account.

Due to launch in September, future versions of the wallet will allow the seamless movement of digital token between games and other services. Shaame says he also hopes in time Casa Tookan will become blockchain agnostic and support atomic swaps between any blockchains.

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