Reality Clash inks partnership with Danish esports team Sørby

The rush for blockchain game companies to link up with esports teams continues apace

There’s a rapidly growing trend towards esports.

This is especially true for blockchain game companies, with the latest being Reality Gaming Group – developer of the Reality Clash game – which announced it will be partnering up and sponsoring the Denmark-based esports team and community, Sørby.

The partnership between the two comes as Sørby prepares to compete in the upcoming Supreme Masters Counter-Strike tournament in Switzerland, which takes place from August 31st to September 2nd.

Sørby will be competing against other teams for the title and prize fund of €7,500.

Reality Clash partners with Sørby

Morten Rongaard, CEO of Reality Clash, expressed optimism with the new partnership, and the company’s intention to gain appeal with the esports community.

“Reality Clash is focusing on being part of the worldwide and growing eSport community, and we are planning to host and develop our type of games using Blockchain technology.” Rongaard continues,

“We are already in the early stages of development, and Sørby Esport is playing an important role in that process.”

The partnership will see Reality Clash’s logo emblazoned on everything from Sørby’s team shirts, to its academy, where 160 gamers regularly attend competitive training sessions.

Mark Kristensen displayed optimism towards the new partnership as it undergoes expansion.

”We see great potential in partnering with Reality Clash, a lot of exciting things are happening in Sørby, and in the near future we are opening an eSports center in the city of Slagelse” Kristensen states.

“Our community means everything to us, and with a new partner, it will give us more resources to give the best experiences to our members.”

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