Unity-integrated GPlay mobile game app store enters beta

First step in an ambitious plan

One of the most ambitious blockchain gaming companies is Serbian outfit GameCredits (aka GNation), which has plans to impact PC and mobile game distribution, esports, and crowdfunding.

We need to make sure our approach is good enough to go live

Alex Migitko GameCredits, COO

Oh, and it also has a desktop mining aspect and has a charitable program too.

Plenty to do then, and its first product mobile game app store GPlay is now in closed beta testing.

As COO Alex Migitko explains in a new Behind the Scenes video, getting the technology into the hands of developers is vital.

“It’s very important for us to get feedback on the features we are preparing and the integration process,” he explains.

App store reinvented

GNation signed an agreement with Unity in 2017 so Unity developers could publish their games directly on to GPlay.

As well as offering developers a better deal – GPlay will only take 10% of revenue and pay out within 60 minutes – GameCredits also promises it will include esports features.

All of this will be enabled and sustained by GNation’s GameCredits token (GAME).

“We need to make sure our approach is good enough to go live,” Migitko adds.

“We want to make a smooth transition from the point where we are saying ‘Okay, we are building something’ to the point where we will be able to say ‘Okay, we have built something’.

“So we’re not providing the concept. We’re proving the product.”

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