ETH.TOWN launch pushes OpenSea over 1,000 ETH volume

OpenSea is on a voyage

According to the company’s Twitter, OpenSea is celebrating as it hits a volume level of over 1,000 ETH this August.

OpenSea, which functions as a digital marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens, hosts a wide range of blockchain games such as CryptoKitties, Etheremon, and, more significantly to its current landmark, ETH.TOWN.

ETH.TOWN’s launch spikes OpenSea volume

Since its launch on August 2nd, the rate of activity coming from its playing community has spiked for OpenSea, which recorded an increase of over 10,000%, with users buying and selling heroes, ETH.TOWN’s uniqueĀ avatars.

This influx of hero trading has contributed an additional 363.11 ETH to OpenSea’sĀ trading volume, outmatching CryptoKitties with a volume of 84.68.

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