Blockchain game store KorroBox goes live

Drop your ETH on PC games

Blockchain game distribution platform KorroBox has gone live, at least in minimum viable product form.

Currently part of the incubator at University of California, Berkeley’s SkyDeck program, users can now purchase Steam keys for nine games ranging from Day of Infamy to GoatPunks and Stifled on Korrobox using ETH through MetaMask.

Indeed, one game – Modlands – is even including an exclusive KorroBox pet if you purchase through the site.

And there’s more

Of course, this is just the first step for KorroBox, which in time expects to enable game purchasing with multiple currencies, and move from a browser interface to desktop client solution by the time it launches its marketplace for in-game item trading, and a strong social network.

You can read more about its plans in our recent interview with co-founder COO Bao Lam.

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