Trending now: the biggest stories in blockchain gaming

Blockchain gaming never ceases to excite

Blockchain gaming has seen its fair shares of countdowns, sales, and successes.

This week has seen the likes of Zombie Battleground reach a triumphant conclusion to its Kickstarter campaign, while Lucid Sight’s game MLB Crypto Baseball and BitGuild’s Mythereum kick off their own sale and giveaways respectively.

Here are some of the top news stories from this week.

The biggest stories from this week

1. XAYA integrates Refereum’s white label Growth Engine engagement tools

Blockchain game community site Refereum has been successfully building its reach on the back of games such as Fortnite.

2. Why Lucid Sight rejected Loom and Enjin side-chains and took MLB Crypto Baseball gameplay off-chain

Lucid Sight is pulling out the stops for its games.

Along with the ongoing development of Cryptic Conjure, which it’s publishing, its team has been working on bringing Major League Baseball to blockchain.

3. KamaGames’ audacious blockchain-based $25 million UA experiment

In the cryptocurrency world, it’s not unusual to be offered 100% success and wealth unlimited if you invest in this “one-time-only investment opportunity”.

4. How Reality Clash is looking to create a virtual world of shooters and traders

5. Philip Rosedale talks about VR’s second life with High Fidelity and blockchain

High FidelityFrom launching Second Life in 2003 to his new project High Fidelity, Philip Rosedale has always had one clear vision of the future of virtual reality – total immersion in new sights, scenes, and events.

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