XAYA integrates Refereum’s white label Growth Engine engagement tools

Rewarding your community for activity

Blockchain game community site Refereum has been successfully building its reach on the back of games such as Fortnite.

But having a large audience is one thing. Putting them to good use is another.

And that’s where its Growth Engine comes into play.

Simply put, this is a way of game developers and other blockchain game companies to plug Refereum into their own communities and hence rewarding them with their tokens and other prizes.

Xaya hitches to Growth Engine

The first company to announce it’s using this is UK/Malta outfit Xaya (previously Chimaera), which will be rewarding its community with its CHI token.

You can read more about Xaya’s master plan in our recent interview with CEO Andrew Colosimo.

As for integration, Refereum says plugging into its Growth Engine only requires a few lines of code. The harder bit is working out what actions and engagement you want your community to complete.

You can see Refereum CEO Dylan Jones explaining what Refereum is all about at Blockchain Gamer Connect San Francisco 2018 below.

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