adds supports for Waves blockchain to its gaming platform

Another way for game devs to operate

Following recently announced support for the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain, Singapore gaming platform has extended its tech agnosticism with the news it’s signed a key partnership with Waves.

Launched in 2016, Russian-based blockchain ecosystem Waves can already handle transaction rates of over 100 a second at costs as low as 0.5 cents. And because all tokens created using Waves are part of the overall blockchain’s consensus, they’re cheap to create and there’s no gas fee for transfering them.

Waves also developing an upgraded protocol called Waves-NG, which will further boost transaction rates, making it more attractive solution for games and game projects.

We are pleased to announce that Waves will be added as a supported blockchain protocol for the suite of tools.

Gabby Dizon Chairman,

Thanks to the partnership, developers will be able to select Waves as an option in order to tokenize their games’ assets.

Leveraging Waves for simple item tokenization

“We are pleased to announce that Waves will be added as a supported blockchain protocol for the suite of tools of our blockchain game platform,” commented chairman Gabby Dizon.

Based on Ethereum, is building out a suite of tools for game developers including a wallet, store and item generator. Waves will be added as an option within these tools, in particular the item generation flow.

“The gaming industry is one of the most immediate use cases for blockchain technology, specifically tokenization,” commented Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov.

“Game developers need a platform that will enable them to link in-game items to blockchain tokens so that they can be seamlessly integrated into different games, transferred and traded without friction.

“Waves is proud to be able to provide precisely that functionality to Alto, and looks forward to the fruits of this partnership.”

You can find out more information about Alto’s platform here, and the Waves’ ecosystem here.

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