Crypto Space Commander out of stock in highly successful sale

Succeeding itself out of stock

There have been many successful sales for blockchain games.

And one of the best things for any developer to see is when they’ve proven so successful, they actually run out of items to sell.

That’s exactly the position that Crypto Space Commander finds itself in, with those visiting the site finding that every vessel previously for sale is sold out, with the development team making the same announcement in late August.

Lucid Sight’s string of success

While CSC has seen an exceptional amount of attention for its item sale, for the company’s other projects, like MLB Crypto Baseball and Cryptic Conjure, the story is similar.

MLB Crypto Baseball has sold seven of its baseball teams in under 24 hours, while Cryptic Conjure recently sold its remaining seats for the ‘Council of Nine‘, a highly influential, and valuable station.

For more information about Crypto Space Commander, check out their website here.

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