BitGuild announces its candidacy for TRON Super Representative

BitGuild is (virtually) running for (digital) office

BitGuild wants your vote!

At the least, the gaming and entertainment platform has announced its candidacy for the TRON network to become one of its Super Representatives.

What is a Super Representative?

Currently, TRON’s Super Representatives consists of 27 elected members which serve as advocates for and supporters of the network. The SR’s are responsible for the generation of blocks, and the ongoing governance of the network.

In a Medium post by BitGuild, it explains that TRON provides one of the largest communities in the blockchain world, and becoming a Super Representative would provide BitGuild with direct contact with its community, while helping to improve the network overall.

“Through BitGuild’s partnership with TRON, we will be able to provide more avenues through which to attract new users to the blockchain, thus benefiting the blockchain and cryptocurrency world as a whole.”

Since announcing its candidacy, BitGuild has been getting support from both its own and TRON’s active community.

BitGuild’s getting votes

Since announcing its candidacy, BitGuild has risen in the rankings according to BitGuild’s Jared Psigoda.

To find out more about the TRON network, visit their page here, and if you’re interested in voting for Bitguild, you can find out how through their Medium post here.

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