The first look at Ionomy’s HTML5 wallet

UX is in the minds of Ionomy’s Wallet developers

There’s a lot to consider when picking a digital wallet.

For players, there’s one more to consider, especially now with Ionomy revealing the first glimpses at its HTML5 wallet. According to the developers, it’s taken two letters into consideration when developing it: UX.

In doing so, Ionomy aims to create a seamless, intuitive experience for its would-be users.

features include:

  • Powerful coin control
  • Intuitive xION privacy features
  • Streamlined masternode setup and management
  • Next generation token management
  • Game asset integration
  • Modern HTML5 standards-based framework
  • 100% localized and secure

The wallet is expected to launch in Autumn this year.

For more information about Ionomy, visit its website here.

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