Hash Rush pushes back closed beta until December 2018

For Hash Rush, the closed beta is taking some more time

While Hash Rush has impressed players with its recent alpha, the latter will need to wait a little longer for beta.

According to the development team, the delay comes from the desire not to send out a ‘bad beta’, which would potentially be missing a number of features it had initially promised.

While the Hash Rush team has spent a great deal of time promoting the game, attending conferences, and obtaining feedback on the game’s performance. It has also caused the beta’s development timeline to fall behind.

“Unfortunately, this has meant that we have fallen behind on core features of the game, such as Combat, the Marketplace, and the Bounty Challenges.”

With the beta being delayed until December 2018, Hash Rush has announced that it will be using this extra time to ‘polish’ up the outstanding features.

“We are going to take the extra time to polish and complete the combat system and implement the Marketplace and Bounty Challenge into the game. Finally, because of the delay, we are going to make the alpha open to everyone, you’ll notice the restrictions being lifted soon.”

This delay does raise a further question: will this have an impact on the release date of the full game?

According to Hash Rush’s development team, the answer is yes. At the very least, the release of the full game has been backdated to March 2019 in order to accommodate the beta.

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