New blockchain games and ICO roundup

Brand new games and interesting developments from the blockchain gaming world.

From alliances to Kickstarters, blockchain gaming is moving fast.

Blockchain game summit

With the conclusion of the Blockchain Game Summit last week, we witnessed the announcement of the Blockchain Game Alliance, with several of its associated companies discussed on the first day of the summit.

During the discussion Alto‘s Gabby Dizon laid out the challenges that developers face in not only applying blockchain but in collaborating with other studios:

“When we started in the blockchain gaming space, we noticed that people are trying to push it forward in the same way but are incapable of coalescing,” He continues.

“Its hard to put together something like this, we believe this will be an initiative which benefits everyone.”

While the blockchain world is galvanizing around collaboration and evolution, the list of new games and ICO’s show no signs of slowing.

New games added to the blockchain games directory

Upcoming ICOs

  • 8 Circuit Studios – 1st October
  • KamaGames – 8th October
  • Triforce Tokens – 8th October
  • Swace – 15th October
  • Ready Play Go – 17th October

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