Hash Rush Kickstarter suspended just days into starting

Hash Rush is facing challenges on all sides

It’s never good to find out that something you back doesn’t reach its goal.

It’s a whole other thing when it’s prematurely ended or suspended, as has suddenly happened with VZ Games’ Hash Rush.

The game itself had launched on Kickstarter just days prior, managing to accrue $3,300 before being suspended. Backers were informed a 9 pm (BST) through the following email notification:

“This is a message from Kickstarter’s Integrity Team. We’re writing to let you know that a project you recently backed, Hash Rush – The Worlds First Blockchain RTS (Suspended), has been suspended.”

The email continues to explain that the game has allegedly violated one or more of the sites following rules:

  • A project description that does not clearly state what will be created and shared
  • Raising funds for personal expenses, business expenses, or equipment without creative intent
  • Fundraising for charity or a charitable purpose.
  • Does not fit into one of Kickstarter’s categories, or includes a prohibited item

When backers asked why the campaign had been suspended, Tenzin Chiodak, a collaborator with Hash Rush, was uncertain.

“Unfortunately at this moment, we are not sure as we are certain that we have followed all of Kickstarter’s rules and regulations. We are working to try and get this sorted out.”

At the moment, the Hash Rush team have remained quiet about the situation.

The news comes days after the team announced that it would be pushing back both its closed beta release to December 2018 and its full game to March 2019.

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