DMarket opens its new offices in London

DMarket is all about globe-trotting

It’s never an easy task to set up new offices, by DMarket are up for the challenge.

In a recent announcement, the company stated its intention to establish new offices in London to help expand its global presence.

Having an established place in London also allows DMarket to gain more exposure to the European market, enabling it to accelerate its otherwise strong growth.

According to Vlad Panchenko, CEO of DMarket, the decision to establish offices in London was an easy one to make.

“We see this as a critical step in DMarket’s development. Europe is one of the main markets for us,” Panchenko continues.

“We have chosen London as the most dynamic and tech-savvy European city to simplify operational work with our European partners and customers.”

DMarket’s global presence

Along with London, the company has long since had offices based out of Santa Monica (USA), and Kyiv (Ukraine).

Co-founder of the company and CFO, Tamara Slanova has since been put in charge of managing the London office, bringing with her 15 years of experience within the European market.

For more information about DMarket, visit the website.

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