BlaCat is aiming to create a new games platform built on NEO

BlaCat is carrying on the torch for games on NEO

NEO has been poised to encourage more developers to test out its blockchain for game development.

The latest attempt has been the Blockchain Game Competition, which gathered 39 development teams. Among them was the all-in-one gaming platform, BlaCat, which now aims to collaborate with its fellow NEO developers.

Currently, BlaCat is undergoing talks with the various teams that took part, including its fellow winners. What this would mean for its platform, and NEO as a whole, is a large concentration of NEO-based games becoming full-fledged dApps in quick succession.

To raise awareness of the initiative and help users discover the platform, BlaCat has also announced an airdrop of its virtual token, BCP.

The airdrop will take place from 17th-19th of October.

To find out more about the Airdrop or BlaCat, visit the websites.

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