Beyond the Void officially releases on Steam

B2Expand’s eyes are on the stars this week.

Gamers will have to wait no longer to boldly go where no-one has gone before.

24th October sees the much-anticipated game Beyond the Void finally launch on Steam, according to its Twitter.

Along with the announcement, the B2Expand team is hosting an event in Lyon to celebrate the game’s release. For more information about it, visit the event page here.

Beyond the Void

As a mixture of space exploration, combat and strategy game, Beyond the Void represents B2Expand’s attempt at putting blockchain out there to a broader audience.

“That’s why we began to develop Beyond the Void; it’s also downloadable on steam because it’s a platform that traditional players know all about. This is important to hook the player before drawing them into and talk to them about blockchain,” Camille Charteau, B2Expand’s CMO explains.

The mixture of familiarity and positive user experience, the team intends to dispel some of the concerns of a mass gaming community about blockchain, while providing a captivating, interstellar experience.

For more information about the game, visit the website.

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