Bitizens introduces its first Bitizens mini-game: Fishing Game

Whether its relaxing or for sport, fishing’s fishing

Whether in reality or virtually, life can be a hectic thing.

For players of the BitGuild game, Bitizens, its newly introduced minigame seeks to provide a little virtual R&R. Each player begins with 10 free bait to take part with extra costing ETH

The Fishing Game, as it’s creatively called, gives players the chance to relax, or compete for a place on its leaderboard.

Its ranking system operates based on the quality of the fish players catch, with factors like where they cast the line in the river working for, or against you.

With this leaderboard, and depending on where the player places on it, they have the chance to win one of a number of prizes, including any number of PLAT tokens accrued by the sale of bait.


The new minigame also coincides with a number of new/unique clothing items, including the ‘Shark Investor’ hat.

These new items also include a number of special Halloween masks being offered as gifts to those that play the game up until October 28th.

For more information about the game, visit the Bitizens website.

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