BitGuild sheds some light on its exclusive partner game – CryptoDungeons

BitGuild has an eye for dedicated developers

In game development, innovation is always sought out and admired. It’s for that reason among other that BitGuild has since announced the adding of CryptoDungeons to its platform.

The game itself is based off a retro RPG, but strives to put blockchain to work. It’s this genre that proves both a long-time passion, but an ideal application of blockchain, according to CryptoDungeon’s development team.

“We love turn-based games, and it’s perfect for blockchain technology! The game has more inspiration from World of Warcraft and the Final Fantasy series, although the pixel art style is something that our team loves,” Angelo Nevos Bastos, a member of the team explains.

“We always liked the idea of progression and accomplishment, and Ethereum network brought a solution that is perfect for turn-based games.”

The team decided to launch the game with BitGuild due to its commitment to simplifying blockchain gaming.

“We need to be aware that basically all Ethereum games are browser games, and if we look 15 years back, a player that would want to play browser games would seek them in a platform like Miniclip or ArmorGames. BitGuild represents this solution in the current market and we had no doubts that this was the best decision for us.”

Once the game has fully launched, Bastos points out that it will be followed by a series of further features such as quests and crafting.

These additions will be followed by the transition of dungeons in the game to a side-chain to support performance.

For more information about the game, visit the BitGuild Medium page.

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