0xWarriors announces the beginning of its pre-sale

Let the battles begin!

Players excited for the open beta of 0xWarriors can get a jump on the release.

The team has fired the starting pistol on its item pre-sale, with a number of features to sweeten the deal.

The first being that players can take advantage of exclusive items from the sale. On top of that, it’s making a start with a 50% discount on all of its chests for pre-sale backers.

For users interested in taking part, the chests and items come in four levels of quality/rarity.

From Common, Reinforced, Nephrite and Golden tiers, they each have a percentile change of holding a rare, epic or legendary item.

The initiative is on the player to provide their characters/teams with the best item loadout for private and weekly public tournaments.

For more information about 0xWarriors, visit the website.

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