My Crypto Heroes gives details on its new Quest feature

My Crypto Heroes goes on Quests!

There’s still a good deal of time between ourselves and December. In particular, My Crypto Heroes, between getting itself ready for its pre-sale and launch, has introduced a new game mode: Quests.

As the name would suggest, players can choose to take on these quests in order to gain experience and, more importantly, treasure.

Instead of exploring dungeons, however, heroes will be exploring ‘Nodes’ which houses any number or variety of enemies.

To prevent players from taking on multiple quests at the same time, each hero has ‘Hero-Stamina’.

This system means that a hero can only complete so many quests at a time. To go on more quests, players much allow it to replenish over time, or purchase it from a market.

So, with this in mind, how does a player take on and effectively complete a quest?


Step 1 – Setting up and setting out

Depending on how many heroes a player has, you can put together a total of three teams. With each consisting of three heroes and two extensions on each of them.

Once the player’s team arrives at the Node, they will have three ‘layers’ they’ll need to explore to complete the quest.

With each of these layers is a corresponding enemy ‘team’ that the player needs to defeat in order to progress.

At the lowest level, a boss character is generated which provides the enemy team with passive buffs or skills. While providing the greatest challenge, completing this final team provides greater rewards.

To the victor, the spoils

Rewards are divided into three types:・

  • Crypto-Energy (every time)
  • Replica Extension(rarely)
  • Original Extension(very rarely)

Both Original and Replica also have their own classifications and sub-types.

Replica, which are the more common category of reward, and Original, the rarer of them both.

Replica: These come in an unlimited quantity, but are ones that can be leveled up alongside your hero, and also traded with others as an ERC721 item.

These replica items also come in different rarities depending on how lucky the player is:

  • Replica-S
  • Replica-A
  • Replica-B
  • Replica-C
  • Replica-D
  • Replica-E
  • Replica-F

Original: In contrast to Replica items, these are in a very limited amount and are bound to the player, but as a result of their uniqueness and their potential, they are highly desired.

These too come in varying rarities:

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

For more information about My Crypto Heroes, visit the website.

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