Axie Infinity announces new records and updates

It’s a changing world for Axies

Since its beta got started on October 8th, Axie Infinity has been gaining momentum. The best evidence we see of this comes from some statistics published by the team this month.

Between starting over a month ago, and having a very dedicated and engaged user-base, it’s racked up nearly 90,000 battles.

It’s unsurprising that the team has managed to accrue so mark up so many battles at the moment. During November, it’s also seen its total active users reach 180, making it the 5th biggest game according to Dappradar.

Axie’s incoming updates

Along with these accolades, the Axie Infinity team has announced a number of upcoming updates to the game.

Firstly, in order to improve the user’s onboarding experience, the developers will be introducing both a tutorial system and a friendly battles mechanic. These both serve to reduce the friction involved with beginning the game, while also steadily developing community-run tournaments between players.

Players both new and experienced with Axie Infinity will also have its upcoming Terrarium pre-sale to look forward to. These will allow players to customize where their future Axies live. The sale is due to start in early December.

To find out more, visit the Axie Infinity website.

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