Hash Rush celebrates Latvia’s centenary with the Great Usara Hunt

Hash Rush is celebrating 100 years of Latvia in style.

We can often forget how relatively young some continental nations in Europe truly are. Which is ironic coming from the comparably young world of blockchain technology.

To be more specific, Latvia is celebrating its one-hundredth year as a nation this week. VZ Games, the developers behind Hash Rush will be celebrating the centenary in a very unique way. How you ask? With a very special in-game event: The Great Usara Hunt!


The Usara is a species of bear within the game that has since been corrupted by crystals. These creatures will roam throughout the game, with players seeking to hunt down as many as possible.

So, between November 17th-25th, players will be rewarded with limited edition prizes, depending on how many they slay.

The Hash Rush team has since given a list of what players can expect for their hard work:

  • 7 Ursara: Red Skin
  • 14 Ursara: White Skin
  • 28 Ursara: Bear Ears
  • 55 Ursara: Red/White Skin
  • 80 Ursara: Bear/Antler Face
  • 100 Ursara: Bearslayer Sword and Shield

Hash Rush’s Bounty and Social Media challenges

With the beginning of the Latvia100 event, players are encouraged to visit the games Twitter account. Why? Because whosoever is fortunate enough to win this competition will unlock a very special in-game building.

And that would be the Hash Rush Usara Statue. And according to the Hash Rush team, this introduces a new line-up of buildings into the game.

So, who knows? Maybe we’ll see other aesthetic buildings in the near future.

Along with its Social Media and in-game event, the game includes a series of bounty challenges.

To find out more about this, visit the Hash Rush Medium blog.



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