Artists on blockchain thanks to WAX Digital Art

Whether you’re a Modernist, Cubist or anywhere in between, WAX has your back

From digital assets to real-world ones, WAX has a lot of potential that it wants to realize. We’ve seen this with the inclusion of stickers which are tradable and provides a gateway for livestreamers. The next step? putting digital art on both the blockchain and the marketplace.

And for artists and buyers alike, that’s what WAX Digital Art is out to achieve. One of the most prominent examples so far has been a piece by ‘The Cheeseman’, called ‘Cyber Love’.

Some of the unique attributes enjoyed by this art are that it was created, stored and potentially sold via the blockchain. For artists, this is a distinct advantage, as it protects them from counterfeiting while keeping a complete ledger of its transaction history.

For budding artists interested in making their art available on WAX would need to fill out a registration form. In turn, this officially lists your art, while making sure its owned and accredited to you.

In turn, it does set out a list of requirements for those seeking to get involved.

Artwork requirements for WAX Digital Art:

  • You must own all aspects of the artwork. Copyrighted material is only accepted if you are the owner of the copyright
  • Any shape is permitted – does not have to be rectangle, round, etc.
  • Animated artwork is welcome. It must loop. We strongly suggest .webm files.
  • Your artwork must have a name
  • Art cannot contain the following content: drugs/alcohol (including marijuana), nudity or sexual content, political content, foul language/profanity or hate speech/racism, religious content

File requirements for WAX Digital Art :

  • High definition .png or .webm
  • Resolution of 2048×2048 px is ideal. 1024×1024 px minimum
  • Create the image at the suggested resolution (do not create it at a smaller resolution and stretch it to fill out the resolution)

For more information about the WAX Digital Art system, visit the website.

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