CryptoWars set to launch its first tournament

The battles are set to rage on December 15th

For those seeking to get a first-hand experience of Experimental’s (e11) game, CryptoWars, the wait is at an end. The team has announced the release of an alpha build of the game and has its mind on testing it out in earnest.


While the game itself is still in its early stages, Matias Nisenson, CEO of Experimental, states that it provides a unique experience.

“Although it’s still on alpha, CryptoWars is a lot of fun, it runs smoothly on Loom and players can’t believe it fully runs on the blockchain.”

To do this, e11 will be hosting the first of many CryptoWars Tournaments, which will span the month of December. According to the team, the tournament will officially begin on December 15th. Meanwhile, those interested in winning $2,500 worth of cash and prizes can register here.

Only those that place in the top 5 can walk away with these prizes, however.

Nisenson has been thrilled with the fact that the team has managed to launch the game, and with such an exciting event to begin.

“It took us over a year to develop CryptoWars, the audience didn’t want to wait any longer and the team is stoked to be able to deliver in time, in the exact date we said we would launch, 18 months ago.”

“We think it will help the industry show some credibility as well, as there’s a huge need for actual products, not just pre-sales.”

Competing and showcasing the game

The competition itself is a rare opportunity to showcase some of the features which Experimental believes sets it apart from other games.

Unlike other games, CryptoWars is based entirely on Loom, meaning that users won’t require Metamask or another kind of digital wallet. The team believes that the game is one of the first to provide a more streamlined experience for players.

But for the e11 team, the proof will be in the tournament. So, in the words of Nisenson:

“Time for the show! Let’s see who wins the $2,500!!”

Find out more about CryptoWars here.

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