My Crypto Heroes includes new Duel system

It’s time to duel!

Heroes have been known to fight other heroes, especially for players of My Crypto Heroes. Especially with the inclusion of its Duelling system, which now allows for PvP between users.

This combat system allows users to take a combination of three heroes.

While this feature is in early stages, the team hopes it will end in a range of ranked and unranked competitions.

While this means that there’s going to be a lot of updates, players can take solace in the accessibility of trial matches.

Much like other trial modes, this version operates as a demo of the future.

To get started, you share your URL on social media, another player then goes to the duel using that link. From there, you duel, and can view the effectiveness of your team loadout in the results screen once the battle is over.

The added advantage is that this will enable players to experiment with the teams and extensions they use.

Future duel modes

Alongside the newly added trial duel system, which operates as a foundational training mode. My Crypto Heroes has also provided provisional dates for additional duel modes expected through December and January.

Ranked Battles –

Much as the name suggests, competitors in ranked battles will be able to check the battle history of their opponents. And depending on how well they perform, users will be able to ascend the ranks, while their opponents slide down.

While trial mode will not cost any stamina, ranked battles will cost 5 stamina per battle.

The ranked duels are expected to launch between December 13th and 16th.

Knight Battles –

These battles are effectively tournaments between competitors. The ultimate prize of which is the ERC721 tokens of Land, which players can become lords of.

For players, winning land boasts a number of features, such as being able to host competitions and earn crypto by doing so.

For more information about the game, visit the My Crypto Heroes website.

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