Enjin now integrated by gift card retailer Bidali

Enjin is steadily making for a powerful token

It’s not hard to see how players can monetize their time and work through blockchain games. Earning items that you can sell on for the native token, sell on for ETH and on to a more ‘domestic’ currency. But there are few partnerships or initiatives which allow for one token to translate to the purchase of real-world items.

It was recently announced, however, that Enjin will be one of those blockchain projects that would allow for this translation of digital to real-world value.

This was announced yesterday, as it has been officially integrated by the gift card retailer, Bidali.

With Enjin’s multiverse in full steam forwards, the partnership with Bidali provides another use-case for players.

Especially those seeking to directly redeem their in-game ENJ for real-world items. According to the Bidali team, it offers gift cards for over 100 retailers worldwide.

The CEO, Eric Kryski, is optimistic of the use of Enjin, believing it has the potential to bring about mass-adoption for blockchain games.

“Their ERC-1155 proposal is a great evolution within the Ethereum token specifications that we feel will undoubtedly increase adoption of blockchain within gaming. We are really excited to connect the Enjin community with brands that resonate and help spread the word about the Enjin ecosystem.”

To celebrate the launch of ENJ on Bidali, the latter will be hosting a giveaway using ENJ’s Beam QR scanner. Through the latter’s digital wallet app, users can scan the QR code and instantly receive an airdrop of ERC1155 tokens.

Those fortunate enough to be one of the first 600 people can win $50 worth of gift cards. To take part, visit the website.

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