BlaCat outlines its plans for improving the blockchain gaming experience for users

BlaCat wants to streamline the gaming experience for blockchain users

Following success in the NEO Blockchain Competition, BlaCat has steadily emerged as a unique concept on the blockchain.

It has established himself as a frontrunner as both a games platform and an application of the NEO blockchain.

The companies CEO, Sean Chen has outlined that the platform needs to do more for mass adoption.

To put action to words, Chen and the BlaCat team has outlined a number of updates directed at streamlining user experience.

Digital Asset Wallet

The digital wallet itself, according to the team, will host the decentralized trading system. And where it’s currently been integrated into games that are hosted on the platform. This wallet has already managed to complete beta testing, with a subsequent release date to be announced.

SDK & ZoroChain integration

Between the creation and application of a dedicated Software Development Kit, BlaCat wants to create a simplified means of developing and publishing games on the platform. An added bonus for developers is that the platform also intends to leverage the ZoroChain in order to facilitate faster transactions.

In turn,  this should allow for more frictionless gameplay for players, while allowing for the creation of games with more sophisticated mechanics.

For more information about the BlaCat platform, visit the post here.

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