Crypto Space Commander – December updates

Interstellar gaming is moving out from its Alpha builds

Building up from its very early alpha build, Crypto Space Commander has continued to make headway. With mid/late December comes an update on the progress of its 0.5 build among other developments.

While improving on its already existing alpha is the priority, the team has the expressed intent of adding events and competitions in the near future.

Mining Expedition Alpha retirement

The initial alpha build that was previously released featured the MEA mechanic, the team has since announced its retirement.

This retirement was not before players had managed to rack up more than 26,000 missions. Given the resources they collected will be accredited in future builds, it should mean the game will have attentive players from the off.

Getting set for 0.5

While Crypto Space Commanders has announced that the 0.5 build would be launched on December 19th.

This date has since been pushed back to the 21st,  but offering fans some ‘sneak peeks’ via its dedicated Twitch stream.

According to the team, mechanics such as mining, combat, multiplayer will all be featured. Being an early stage version, the community will be involved as a moderating force to “keep the peace” in CSC’s words.

CSC Rewards Pool

In order to get involved in the alpha, players will simply need any kind of ship. The purchase of ships or items will also play into its newly announced rewards pool. With a percentage of each of these purchases going towards a prize pool for tournaments or events which will take place in the future.

The team has announced some of the following planned events:

  • Players will need to outfit and race their fastest ship (new control scheme will add pilot skill as a factor)
  • Find a Rare or Hidden Item spread around the EtherVerse.
  • Battle it out in a solo and team arena Deathmatch.
  • Mine the most of a resource in a limited time.
  • Deliver the most goods in a limited time.
  • Destroy the most NPCs in a limited time.
  • Find and Destroy a specific high level NPC.

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