Decentraland has released v5 of its SDK – widening the scope of content creation

Decentraland is helping to streamline user-generated content

This is the claim made by the Decentraland team with the introduction of the latest version of its SDK. Version 5 intends to make the development kit more easily accessible to those interested in generating content on the platform.

This new iteration of the SDK has been welcomed by members of the community, some of which cited challenges in using older versions. These issues ranged from its intuitiveness to its dissimilarity to more familiar development kits such as Unity.


With the release of this new version, however, it’s likely to be the final version as Decentraland prepares for its public launch in mid-2019.

With the SDK taken care of, the challenge the team has to face now is the creation of a more intuitive editor system.

“An ECS architecture is a great foundation on which to build an editor. These tools, which we are working on now, will improve the experience of creating content, making the Decentraland platform more accessible for everyone.” – According to an excerpt from the Decentraland team.

For more information about this new Software Development Kit, visit the tutorial right here.

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