CryptantCrab launches with a wide range of features

Players can start improving their virtual crab collection through mutation and even start trading on the Marketplace

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Players can start improving their virtual crab collection through mutation and even start trading in the Marketplace

CryptantCrab has been enjoying a great deal of success thanks to the various activities it has been rolling out. From the Bounty and Pre-Sale campaigns, the latest blockchain collectible platform now opens up even more features. The new offerings: Mutation, Xenograft, and Marketplace.

With these three features, early adopters, newcomers, and digital crab enthusiasts alike will be able to enjoy a wealth of customization options with CryptantCrab’s official release!

As the marketplace is now open, players will be able to actively trade their crabs. At the same time, they can also enjoy the extensive range of customization their CryptantCrab collections can now undertake.

Active market discussion and trading are aspects that the developer,iCandy Interactive, wants to foster in earnest. After all, heavy trading activity among players will create constant discussions and nurture the desire to chase after customizations.

Unlike other blockchain games, CryptantCrab offers the player a more open approach towards customization.

For players looking to create unique and powerful crabs with risk and reward in play, Mutation is the way to go for experimentation. By mutating crab limbs, it opens up the potential for newer, rarer and even legendary parts to appear.

Alternatively, CryptantCrab allows you to chop-and-change limbs using the Xenograft. This is especially useful for those looking to complete full sets on one crab, or want to create a powerful fighter. The Xenograft system also introduces new Fossil mechanics.

Fossils are what crabs become after their part is grafted away, while Relic Fossils are the rarer form.

Both can be traded in the marketplace and be equipped on crabs that are going into battle.

The Relic, being more sought after, will fetch a higher trading value and can be harnessed to great effect against opponents.

CryptantCrab is upping the trade with its Marketplace

Where players will be interested in specific variations of crabs for combat, or collectibility, iCandy Interactive intends to incentivize trade between players.

The level of diversity that comes with mutations and Xenografting, coupled with levels and experience gained through battle, gives the marketplace even more potential to expand.

Conversely, this diversity can increase the underlying value of crabs being traded on the market, taking players’ appetite for these new and rare crabs with it.

Much akin to the newest generation of blockchain games, iCandy Interactive aims to give players the chance to play and get additional value by trading crabs, fossils, and Relics. If anything, the game developer is placing a great deal of emphasis on a versatile and diverse ecosystem, allowing it to ensure high levels of trading activity.

Diving into the Pool Arena

One of the more anticipated features coming to CryptantCrab is the Pool Arena.

This mode provides the added incentive of winning a large prize-pool of ETH as the crabs claw their way to the top of the fighting pit.

This means players must think hard about the kind of crabs they want to send into the Pool Arena.

Between the PVP battle and Pool Arena modes, players have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

For more information about CryptantCrab, visit the website here.

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