Chrono Games announces start of Forest Knight’s Winter Sale

Winter has come to the world of Forest Knight

Boasting one of the smallest teams out of the Enjin’s multiverse of games, Forest Knight is an impressive title. Since joining the collaborative project in late 2018, the game has steadily integrated with the token protocol. And now with the beginning of 2019, it is set to start its Winter Sale.

According to the development company behind Forest Knight, the sale will consist of 12 exclusive items within unique ‘Winter Chests.’ The first chests will be released to the community at 3pm (PST), and cost $25 each.

There’s an added degree of flexibility for players, as the chests can be purchased by crypto or fiat currency.

The proceeds from this sale will be used in order to further develop and market the game, according to the development team. As a gesture of thanks to the community, the team has marked out a number of milestones. Whenever a milestone is achieved, the whole community will be rewarded with a specific exclusive item.

These include some of the following:

250 chests = Dagger of Brotherhood

500 Chest = Ice Sword

1000 Chests= Ancient Bone Bow

2000 Chests= Elder Staff

3000 Chests = Shard Sword

5000 Chests = Emperor’s Vicious Axe

Each of these items coincides with particular behind-the-scenes development these milestones allow for.

Find out more about these funding goals on the Forest Knight website.

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