CryptoFights pre-sale – nearly 1600 chests sold

CryptoFights fans have since bought up to $40,000 worth of items

CryptoFights has not been averse to raising awareness of its item pre-sale to its community. And since it begun in December, players have been ensuring its early and ongoing success. For context, each of these chests are being sold for $25 worth of fiat or crypto with the developers adding in ‘milestones.’

These being the unlocking and distribution of various rare in-game items once players reach a specified number sold.

According to the pre-sale page, this has since reached nearly 1600 chests sold, unlocking six weapons of varying rarities in the process.

For those paying attention to the unlockables, users are nearly 200 away from the next item.

For more information about CryptoFights, visit the website.

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