Ether Kingdoms new updates and why they matter

From mines, to forts and upgraded in-game items!

As a mixture of PvP and Proof of Stake mining, Ether Kingdoms is an interesting sell to gamers. With players having to extract minerals tiles with an incremental scale of difficulty, it certainly has its appeal.

More recently, the development team has since announced some new updates for players to contend with.

What these consist of exactly are a new region for players to battle over. As a result of this, Ether Kingdoms makes use of its PvP mechanics more extensively, requiring players to battle over specific ‘fortress’ tiles.

Each of these fortresses provides players with unique boosts, requiring increasingly substantial garrisons to keep those perks.

This system is very similar to the already existing mining feature; with more ‘Imps’ providing more resources per hour.

New rarity mechanics

The word ‘Generic’ has been gaining traction among the Ether Kingdoms community this week. The reason is that the team has announced its intention to make changes to the rarity system in-game. So why change it? The answer comes down to creating an effective UX for players; new and old.

In the opinion of the team: the new features will allow new players to enter the game with relative ease. Conversely, experienced players will not be subject to unfair re-balancing after obtaining newer, rarer equipment.

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