Wild Block’s game Imperial Rush launches its bounty campaign

Since securing $450,000 in seed equity, Wild Block is pressing ahead.

During a time when the prospect of substantial investment in the blockchain gaming sector looks slim, there are surprises. One being Wild Block, the development company behind both the Magic Gear SDK, and the strategy game – Imperial Rush.

Having managed to secure $450,000 in seed equity funding from a range of private investors in October last year.

Wild Block has taken new steps to push development forward on its game in 2019.

This week the company announced the beginning of its bounty campaign, giving players the opportunity to secure a unique hero token.

Those interested should bear in mind that these same heroes will only be available for the duration of this bounty campaign.

In an Imperial Rush

Having started development in early-2018, Imperial Rush is taking on an interesting approach towards blockchain gaming.

The most specific example being the vague statement by the company that its digital assets will be available to transfer across multiple blockchains.

This statement implies that a blockchain bridging system will be implemented in the foreseeable future. In conjunction with that, some of its features include:


  • Collectible mighty Heroes in form of digital tokens;

  • Decentralized gaming world map formed by players;

  • Epic tactical battles to acquire new Heroes;

  • Evolving Heroes with unique combinations of crystals;

  • Establishing a Kingdom to claim your territory;

  • Trading valuable game assets on the open marketplace.

Imperial Rush is expected to release in 2019, with no official date set at this moment in time.

For more information, visit the Wild Block Website.

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