MixMarvel manages to secure funding through venture capital

MixMarvel gets an investment seal of approval for its plans for 2019

MixMarvel continues on its trail of success with the announcement that it has secured a new round of investment. The investment round was supported by venture firms such as VLane Capital, Hashkey Capital, OGC, Genesis Group, imToken Ventures, among others.

Among these companies is also The Blockchainer, which operates as a financial advisory firm, and will be working to support MixMarvel in securing further collaborative agreements with other companies.

The news that the company has secured new funding coincides with its intention to internationally expand, making it readily available to users within North America, Europe, and Asia, according to its CEO.

“MixMarvel is committed to building a blockchain-based game platform and content community, connecting content creators, players and game content through a value network. Making it possible for everyone to develop games, and enabling everyone to accumulate value in the process of playing.”

“From February, MixMarvel will bring its products to Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea, North America, and Europe.”

MixMarvel showcases its new game – HyperSnakes

One of the latest titles to come from MixMarvel is HyperSnakes, which will become available for early-bird testing in Late-February. Only being announced recently, there are few details about the game and its mechanics at the moment.

For more information, visit the MixMarvel website.

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