Ontology has officially partnered up with ParityGame

ParityGame will be leveraging blockchain for its suite of games

Operating as a public blockchain provider, Ontology has announced that it will partner up with the game developer – ParityGame.

The two projects intend to collaborate in order to create a new kind of gaming platform.

With this partnership, Ontology will provide Parity with the support, capital, as well as marketing needed to support game development.

ParityGame will use Ontology for Isolated City

While being built with the use of Unreal Engine 3, ParityGame’s VR, PC Game called ‘Isolated City’ will leverage blockchain. With a reveal trailer that received over a million views on the Chinese video platform Bilibili, it will provide a significant real-use case for the blockchain.

ParityGame will also make use of the blockchain solution for the digital asset marketplace, Skrskins. Along with Isolated City, ParityGame will work to leverage Ontology for seven of its H5 minigames.

Find out more about ParityGames and Ontology, visit the websites.

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