ITAM officially joins the dGoods initiative

ITAM gets involved with dGoods


It was only recently that Mythical Games, in conjunction with Scatter and EOS Lynx, announced the dGoods standards.

An early iteration of a longer-term plan to provide clear guidelines for digital assets on EOS, another developer has had its interest peaked.

ITAM, which has been steadily working on its line-up of games and mobile platform, has joined the dGoods initiative. The underlying reasons for this decision by the publisher/platform include the rapid rate of growth in EOS-based games and current diversity of games within its own platform.

“With around 20 blockchain games to be released on the ITAM Store, ITAM Games felt that the standardization of digital goods being made by the flexible, diverse, and innovative development community of dGoods was a great initiative, and thus happily joined the team.”

ITAM intends to work closely with other companies within the dGoods initiative in order to create a robust token standard. While also working to ensure that these same standards are put to diligent use within the ITAM platform.

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