ITAM showcases its new mobile store this week

ITAM has a lot going on in 2019

Being a game and ecosystem built on top of EOS means that you’re part of a small but growing group. ITAM, for example, is one of the latest initiatives looking to launch its own suite of games. These include titles like BLUEDAWN and Gangster Arena, which had teaser trailers released in the same year.

Since the launch of its first game in late 2018, ITAM has been steadily adding to its list of game titles. Including this latest release, which is its dedicated mobile store.

While in its initial stages for the moment, this store will become the hub in which players will be able to access any of the networks 20 titles, while also being a place for storing, buying and selling digital assets.

User Experience and seamlessness for players is in the minds of the development team, claiming that they hope to emulate the same ease of use as Google Play.

ITAMs crowded first quarter

There are a few more developments in store that users have to look forward to, according to the company’s roadmap. The team intends to release 10 more game titles onto the store, to what extent remains unspecified, however.

Along with this, the first version of its Software Development Kit will be available for initial use and testing by the community. While the store is currently version 1.0, it will be undergoing a number of updates to include new features as the year progresses.

ITAM has stated that the next features to be added to the platform include a crowdfunding, pre-order systems, and further community features.

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