Reality Clash officially lands in Europe, Russia, and the Philippines

Reality Clash has some new updates for players to enjoy

The blockchain gaming world has seen its first Augmented Reality FPS land with a great deal of hype.

Touching down in New Zealand, Australia and Denmark initially, Reality Clash has now landed in some new destinations.

This month, the game is now available to gamers in Spain, Italy, Russia, and the Philippines.

The first months of 2019 have been incredibly useful for the Reality Clash team, allowing them to iron out any outstanding bugs.

Along with bug fixes, the game includes a number of new features which players can now enjoy:

  • More maps created and introduced into the rotation.
  • Bot AI continues to be improved.
  • Easier purchasing of first aid
  • Weapon accessories

Along with improvements to the AI, weapons, and maps, the team has also made some changes to the Augmented Reality. More specifically to the tracking needed in order to access the virtual battlefield, referred to as ‘The Sim.’

These improvements also come alongside changes to collision detection, in order to avoid users from abusing in-game physics to avoid damage from players or bots.

Going beyond Geo-location

Among the future additions coming to the game in the next few months includes a ‘quick game’ mode.

Meaning that no matter where players are located around the world, they will be able to be matched up with players from all across the world.

This system will give players a far bigger challenge than AI opponents.

For more information on Reality Clash, visit the website.

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