ITAM showcases its digital asset exchange platform

ITAM’s DADEX has all the potential to widen the scope of digital assets on its platform

Its store and game titles have been met with a good degree of enthusiasm for ITAM Games. Now, to go along with its mobile platform and store, the company has revealed its Digital Asset Decentralized Exchange (DADEX).

This exchange operates in such a way as to allow the digital wallet and platform to become a full-fledged gaming platform. Giving users a great degree of flexibility in sending, receiving and storing digital assets between titles.

The company’s recently announced a partnership with Mythical Games, Scatter and EOS Lynx within the dGoods partnership. Placing great emphasis on creating a standardized system of digital assets on EOS.

While the emphasis is on EOS-based digital assets, ITAM intends to create a highly fluid system, which enables the easy movement of digital assets from various kinds of blockchains.

For more information about ITAM, visit the website.

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