Enjin’s token manages to spike 200% in light of Samsung reveal

Enjin has enjoyed a positive boost from its news alongside Samsung

It’s amazing what can send a currency springing upwards. Digital tokens, especially those that reside within a platform like Enjin are not immune to good news on a broad scale.

The biggest example being the recent images that were revealed from the S.Korean telecoms company – Tworld.

These images showcased the Enjin mobile wallet on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10, including its new Blockchain Key Store features.

Since these ‘reveals,’ the Enjin coin has since spiked dramatically; rising from 0.00000958 BTC to 0.00002943 in the space of 24 hours.

Further reveals

Since the reveal of Enjin on the Samsung S10, the multiverse enabler has since made its presence known during Samsung’s Mobile Business Development Summit. In which the Enjin logo was shown alongside a range of other companies working in partnership with the mobile developer.

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